PCB Design

We are specialized in PCB Design, PCB Library Management, Schematic Capture, Mechanical Design and Board Simulation. Our engineering design expertise covers Telecommunication, Networking, Wireless, Data Storage, Defens, Aerospace and Semiconductor ATE Design.

What we offer?

1. PCB Design Service

   ✓ High Speed Digital Designs
   ✓ RF Designs
   ✓ Analog and Digital designs
  ✓ High density Designs
  ✓ Semiconductor Load Board and Probe card Designs

2. Mechanical Design Service

   ✓ CAD Conversion (2D/3D)
   ✓ Plastic and Sheet Metal product design
   ✓ Tool & Die Designs
   ✓ Jigs & Fixtures
   ✓ Costing
   ✓ Proto and Production support

3. Board Simulation

   ✓ Signal Integrity Analysis
   ✓ Power Integrity Analysis
   ✓ Thermal Analysis


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